12 December 2010

December 8,9 and 11

Finally a whole lot of pages. Both the 8th and the 9th got more than one page, since I had more I wanted to document. Here we go.

The first page for the 8th. I liked the paper so much I just didn´t want to cover it up, so all the christmas lists, which this page is about, landed on the backside.

I have left-to-do list, things-left-to-buy list and a list of all the food for christmas.

The 9th got a whole of three pages. Again I start with a paper that I didn´t want to cover to much so it only holds the date and title. The 9th is about the christmas tree, I called it Thoughts of a Christmas Tree.

I really liked this paper with the tree, it suited my theme so well, and I liked how I managed to get the date and title in without covering it up too much.

This page is very simple. I liked the back of the tree paper so much and with all that text there wasn´t much room for decorations. The text is about my thinkings of whether to keep taking our christmas trees from our back yard or not, since I want to let some of them grow really big to protect our yard from the cold north winds. But since the trees will eventully grow really big I will have to take away some of them to make the ones who will be left as beautiful as posslebly. So that will leave us with christmas trees for many more christmases. Nice. I like going out in my own garden and take down my own tree.

Here´s the last page of the 9th, with photos of our back yard, full of snow, and the photo of the tree when decorated by the children.

Yesterday we were at the annual christmas party at church and when we came home I was so fast making a page about it, on the back of the last 9th page that I forgot that I hadn´t made any page for the 10th... O, well, never mind. Here is the 11th anyway. I´ve made the christmas tree myself.

Well folks, thats it for now. Today is a big day for the children and all us, their leaders, at church, since we´re all gonna pull of a special program to show the whole congregation. I hope the children will be really pleased with themselves when it´s done. Have a good day!

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