25 December 2010

Merry Christmas again!

Merry Christmas to all of you for whom christmas is today, I hope you will have a wonderful day. We had a lovely Christmas yesterday, everyone was pleased with their presents, which is nice. Later today we will have some guests.

Here´s a few more of my Chrismas Journal pages.

They had an all-day christmas crafting day at school on Monday and I was there helping out. They put the parents in the same groups as their children, so I got to spend the whole time with these two lovely children. Since Master E is just 6 yrs old he needed quite a bit of help, so most of my time was spent helping him. That was nice. Here they show off all their stuff. Miss I is a big crafter, which is fun. She made Mr A and me a manger with baby Jesus for Christmas, so sweet.

This is a very un-christmases page about the winter solstice. This was the longest night of the year and now the days keep getting a little longer. I really think that is worth celebrating, it gives you hope of spring.

Last day of school. Finally christmas break!

We got a fun surprise yesterday whem Mr A saw two Santas walking on the road outside our house (here´s just ours and another house right here) and he said "Get the camera!" so I ran upstairs to get it and while I was on my way down the stairs there was a knock on the door but when I opened two seconds later there where just a big bag on the stairs and the two Santas was running down the road. So we got some extra presents and a mystery to think about.

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