26 December 2010

Christmas pages

Good morning! Just a short stop to post my latest pages. I´m not sure how much longer I will keep up my christmas journal, I will have to see how much I feel like. But here comes at least my pages for December 23rd and 24th.

In the very south of Sweden, were I originally come from, you call the day before christmas eve Little Christmas Eve, and that´s what it says on the embroided piece in the middle. Otherwise it´s about having everythig ready for christmas.

This is the front of my Christmas Eve page. At the top with the small decorationpage over my jounaling and under with the page flipped open. The red heart is of metallic and I found it in a home decoration shop. It has a hole so you can hang it up, but I put a brad there to match the white in the paper under the overlay which it is fastend to. The green paper is from a swedish company with swedish text "God Jul" (Merry Christmas) and "24.12" , which is how we write dates, with the day first. "Julafton" means Christmas Eve.

This is the back . It´s about the fact that the Donald Duck Christmas show at TV had it´s 50th anneversery this year. Donald Duck is called Kalle Anka in Sweden. Well, thats as far as I´ve made them. We´ll see if there will be any more or else I will show you a lot of other of my stuff! Have a nice day, I sure will, since my sweet Miss S is coming  home and bring all her future family too.

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