31 December 2010

Almost finshed

Almost a week of visitors = not much time for scrapping. My craftroom is also the guest bedroom, so I can´t exactly sit down there when we have guests sleeping there, and it wouldn´t be very polite sitting down scrapping eather, would it? But now only Miss S is here and even though she sleeps in the guestroom, she´s family so thats all right.

So yesterday and today I have made four more pages for my christmas journal and here they are.

Christmas day. It´s about the guests we had that day and the two small oldfashioned ads actually tells something about the gift we got and what we served.

Two days at one about the visit by our relatives-to-be, Miss S´s future husband and in-law family. Two days full of talking and being together.

This is about guests coming and going, since our earlier guests went home this day and Master J´s girlfriend came. It was the first time we met her so that was exiting for us and her.

This page is about two sounds that make me happy which can be heared around here quite often right now, both from christmas presents. the first is Master E´s Wii Lego Harry Potter, in which the Harry Potter theme song is playing, and it makes me happy because it make me think about how very good the films are.

 The second is Miss E´s second hand Nintendo 64 with a Mario game and the theme music reminds me of the "old days" when the older children were younger and this was a sound that was often heared in our house and it makes me happy thinking about those days.

Two more days and then I will be done with my journal,. hopefully they will be done by tomorrow and then I will move on to other projects. I feel quite done with both christmas itself and the journal by now.

Have a good new years eve and a happy new year to you!

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