03 December 2010

December 2 and 3

Here is my pages for yesterday and today. Yesterday´s is about what christmas is for me, it´s quite a long thing I wrote about that and it´s in the red envelop. Jesus wasn´t born on christmas day but in the spring so it´s about how I´m the kind of person who can´t really imagin just because of tradition, but find christmas still a very lovely tradition which I love. And I try to remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus in my heart all the time. So for me christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy with my family.

Today´s page is about a memory from my childhood. My father was a parttime firefighter and when we spent christmas eve at home (every second year) he always had to go put out a fire just before santa should come so he always missed him...                  

I found presents for my grandchildren yesterday and had a love time with my sisters in the evening. See you.

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