08 December 2010

December 4, 5, 6 and 7

This weekend I was really tired but still had things to do and on monday I went with friends to Swedens low price Mecca, which took almost the whole day, and in the evening I made gingerbread cookies with the children, so no pages was made these days. Yesterday I made two pages and intended to post here but the internet wasn´t working so it came to nothing. This morning I made two more pages so now Í´m caught up and here they come!

This one´s aboute my christmas spice no 1, saffron.

This one is about that I think that second after the christmas lights, flowers and greens are my favorite decorations for christmas.

This one´s about a day in december, that is this monday, when I went shopping with some friends and made gingerbread cookies in the evening with the children.

And yesterday when we, well mostly me, made tiny gingerbread houses for Miss I and Master E. Not so easy...

Have a nice day!

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