03 June 2013

Blog award

My sweet daughter Sarah got a blog award, well deserved I have to say, for her so well written sewing blog. The award asked you to then give it forward to other bloggers that inspire you and she was kind enough to include me to her list. Thank you dear!

So now I have to give it forward to blogs that inspire me. I do read quite a lot of commersial scrapbooking blogs, but I don't want to include them here, they get so much attention as it is. In the catagory of commersial blogs I also include those of personal nature, but that seems to merely promote a certain company and I have to say that is kind of dull. So here is a variaty of blogs that inspire me.

Project Life Sverige  Four swedish bloggers, who do Project life, have started a blog in swedish talking about how they do their PL. They are in different stages of life and do it in different ways, which make it very interesting to read. I was so happy to see that it had been started and await each post with great antisipation.

Sockergrynet is a swedish blogger that I have followed since I saw her work in the first swedish scrapbooking magazine Scrapbook m m, which is no more.  I just love her style! She is SO talented. She is also one of the four at Project life sweden.

Lisa is also one of the girls at Project life sweden. I found her blog through write.click.scrapbook, were she also writes, and which I love. It's always nice to find swedish girls on the international scrapbooking scen. Lisa is doing her own thing and I like that.

Scrap-impulse is a german online scrapbook magazine/blog that I follow. German was my favorite subject at school so it's always nice to get a chance to read it again, and Barbara, who has this blog also makes gorgous scrapbooking all kinds of things. If you like smashbooks, don't miss to check out her amazing travel smashbook from the US. You can find it here.

Landet krokus is a swedish gardenblog about a garden that I have fallen in love with. Can't wait to see it evolve.

Wild and precious is written by a mother of five, with two pairs of twins, all children born within four years. It is just so charming and lovely. You never leave untouched.

Fröken gröns blogg is a swedish blog about this ladys home and garden. I first saw her home in a swedish home magazine and much later found her blog. I love it all, but especially the green painted furniture that pops up here and there in the house.

Who´s this chick! is yet another lovely scrap blog, I just love them. The chich is a lady called Laura and she is a woman with a lot of helth problems who still wants to stay positive. Go positive! I always leave with a smile.

So much of the scrapbooking world is full of mothers and it's so much about everyones children, but there is a lot of women out there doing this thing who doesn't have any children and I love to see their lives (I'm very interested in peoples lives and what they think aso so the scrapbooking scen is a wonderful place for me!!) and one of the most charming blogs is In a creative bubble, written by Geralyn, who also design and sell her own printable tags aso. Her scrapbooking is lovely and her love for her family is so heartwarming.

So...besides passing the award forward to other bloggers, you shold also tell some odd facts about yourself, so here we go!

I always wear a skirt or dress. The only exception is when I´m working in the garden. Some people find that quite strange, since they find skirts the most uncomfortable clothing ever, but I think just the opposite!

I like stuff. I mean. I like well stuffed rooms, with a lot of furniture and things. My husband doesn´t so I have to compromice, right now anyway. When he dies I can have all the stuff I want!! He´s made me promise to NOT die before him, he couldn´t bear that...so it´s not that I wish him dead or anything.

I am an anti trend person. If something is really "in" and "everyone" is doing or having it I refuse. Even if I actually like it, which at times makes me want something but it is too late to get hold of it. Being stubbern surely has it downsides...

I like dirt. I´m a famers daughter and I love the dark, rich soil. I like the sight of it and I like to touch it.

I´m careless. When I sew I don´t do everything as well as I ought to...it´s just too boring. Don´t tell the fussy ones!!

So that´s it! Hope you enjoyed the blogs I love. Have a lovely week!


Sockergrynet said...

Tack snälla för dina fina ord både till mig och om Pl-bloggen! <3

LauraB whosthischick said...

Oh thank you so much for the shout out....I trust keep chugging along. You made my day and appreciate your encouragement...staying positive working through my arthritis and working through project life this year. Hugs!

Cath said...

Monica - I'm so glad you let me know. What sweet words. And it's so nice to know a little more about you. You always leave such kind comments on my blog. Thank you for reading. Sending you many blessings. xo