30 December 2011

Starting school

In 1 1/2 week the schools will start again after the christmas break, but I have just made a couple of back to school layouts from when the children started school i August. They looks like this.

This is about all of them. I´m really pleased with it, like the borderstickers here.
This picture´s a little bit blurry... It´s about Master E beginning first grade. I had had the paperstrip with the numbers for years, waiting for just this moment and now that it´d come I didn´t like it anymore! BUT, I had kept it all this time and hence I should use it! I made it less visible by stamping and putting a journaling spot over it. In the end I was quite OK with it.

Lesson to be learned - don´t keep things forever, use them while you still love them.

Have a nice weekend! I will see my latest grandchild for the first time tomorrow! Yiha!!

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