09 November 2011

Titel page 2011

The titel page for this year made me think, since it will show behind the album´s titel page. But eventually I figured out how I was going to do it and here´s the final result.

I didn´t want too much to be shown behind the album titel page but I didn´t want it to be totally emty either. This is how it looks when you open the album.

You can see the page a little closer up on this picure.

The calender tag is again from a Swedish line. The same paper that I have behind the tag I also put in the little pocket where the holes are, I will put paper there on all the pages. When I had made the whole tag thing and chosen the strip of music paper it looked a little bit to dull and I wanted a little more black to accent the year and the circle on the tag, so I made the thin black strip and put two rub ons by the tag and I was very pleased with that. Black could actually turn out to be an accent colour on all the pages.

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