12 November 2011

My little banner

So it´s Christmas at Shimelle´s this weekend and I loved her challenge to make a banner. I´ve made a very tiny little one to fit my 6x6 Christmas album and here it is!

This is actually about the real size of it. "JUL" is our swedish word for Christmas, very convenient to have such a short word! The red and yellow squares and the mittens are from a REALLY old Provo Craft line, it´s like ten years old or something. I adore the mittens and haven´t had the heart to use them earlier (I´m sure you all know that feeling!). The small Christmas tree I cut out by hand and I`m really pleased with it.

I hope you like my little banner too!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is so cute! Great garland - and amazing work cutting that out by hand (I hate cutting by hand!)

Lisa M. Zepponi said...

Glad you found the perfect project to use those special supplies!! The Garland is lovely!