04 November 2011


Madhouse, that´s what Mrs S called our house the other day. She was home for almost a week and Mrs L and all the family has been home for five days, so the house has been full of teenagers and children. And Mrs S is not used to this kind of familylife anymore. But I guess this is just how it used to be every day earlier.

We´ve had a lot of boys being absorbed by the videogames,

girls giggeling

and children being children...

Wednesday was a really busy day with my in-laws being here, we all celebraiting their wedding (since Mrs S and Mrs L couldn´t come ealier), a baby to-come and a bunch of birthdays gone and coming.
We had a small baby shower for Mrs S, with just the girls in our own family

and I and my big girls went thrift shop shopping after the celebration. And found some nice things.

Yesterday when everyone thought that someone else was looking after her, this little angel got a few minutes on her own to have some fun with the eggs, which of cause ended up in a total mess...

But how can you get angry with such a small and sweet little darling? We are totally sweet on her and her brother, it´s such a lovely  thing being called Grandma and Grandpa.

Mrs S went home yesterday. It was the first time she and Mr T had been apart for such a long time. I´m so glad she has such a wonderful "home" to come home to. I took one last photo of her before she went, well, it was more of the sweet "bump" actually...

We are all really curiouse of who´s in there.

Today all the others are going home. I´m so glad that we are all such good friends, I truely both love and like my family!

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