24 October 2011

Too much colour

I like colour on my pages, that is not any news to anyone who knows me, so it kind of surprised me when I found myself thinking "Oh, too much colour!" about some scrapbookpages I´ve seen in magazines. Now why would I think like that?! And then the answer came to my mind "It´s the pink!" I don´t like pink, at least not most, sertainly not bright ones. A little soft pink here and there kan be nice though.

Let´s search my albums for some really me!

I love green! Green is my absolut favorite scrapbooking colour.

Red and yellow are also favorites of mine. And brown.

And tan and kraft is really nice backgrounds. And a splash of blue is nice.

How come I like even bright pink flowers?! Well, I don´t even have a good answer myself to that one. Colour is so much emotion, so I guess we just can´t exlain it all.

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