01 October 2011

Starting point

When I scrapbook happenings my starting point is always the photos. This is documenting the happenings in our lives and I want to show as much as possible of the people and the scenery. We have lived in some different places and having the homes and surroundings showing in all those photos means a lot to us. It helps us remember. So a lot of photos is almost always the thing on these layouts and with a lot of photos the embellishments stands back.

Here is my latest such layout, about my daughter and son-in-law making a beautyful fens in our garden last easter. They used a whole day doing this and the result was great, just what I wanted. It screens off the new vegetable growings from the other part of the garden.

This week has been really lovely, summer came back for a few days. It´s been wonderful. Getting these days of sun will mean a lot when winter is here.

Have a lovely weekend!

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