04 October 2011

Dressing up my book

Some time ago I made a book from scratch, inspired by the Smash books. Not that it´s very much like a smash book, but still, that´s how it started. You can see the base here.

I used my husbands drill to make the holes in the cover and that didn´t really go the way I wanted to, so it´s not as nice as I´d wish... I think I want a Crop-a-dile for Christmas!!

Now I have decorated all the white pages with different patterned paper, some of them really old. Since the width of both the pages together are more than 12" (30,5 cm) I had to be creative with some matching papers, but I think that only makes it more interesting. I´m really pleased with the result so far. Now I just have to figure out what to use it for!!!

My starting page. Doesn´t look much now but here I have it all figured out what to do.

I knew right away that this house would go here, it was part of the original planning. I have some other things that also has a special home in this book but haven´t been put in place yet. Here I obviously will talk about home in some way.

Here I used a strip from a My Minds Eye paper as decoration. This will be something about my family. 
The paper continue on the next spread, that´s kind of nice.

 I have some page protectors here and there in the book too and I´ve put some more neutral papers on the pages surrounding them, so it won´t be too difficult matching what´s in the page protectors with these papers.

This has to be something about writing, don´t you think?

This is a paper I really love (I love sunflowers) but it´s so hard to use on a page for me. How I will sort that thing out here is yet to be seen... The same goes for the paper below, as well as the blue, red and cream some pages down.

And since this paper has a dress pattern on it it has to be something about sewing here.

Here I made a pocket on the right, to put "something" in, I have no idee yet as to what that someting will be.

And here´s the last page. I´m not sure I will do anything here at all, it kind of speaks for itself.

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