10 August 2011

My 10

Shimelle wanted us to show our ten whatever we choose. And I chose ten photos from my Summer of 2011 file and here they are.

My sweet boy learned to swim this summer and that is a very good thing. And he is very happy about it and very proud of himself.

We saved 10 chickens from an egg farm. When they are not so productive anymore it´s death, but these ten are now having a wonderful life. And that is good. And we get a lot of very tasty eggs.

My husband has cleaned the facing on the house and what a difference! It looks like another house. Very good endeed.

Picking cherries from your very own tree is absolutly wonderful! And we´ve gotten a lot of cherries this year and they tasted so good.

My oldest daughter is expecting her first child and that is such a happy thing since she´s wanted to become a mom for such a long time. It makes me SO happy.

Sitting ouside eating in the sun, enjoying summer with your loved ones, that is a memory to treasure when winter is here.

Getting a new cat that we love and who loves being in our family is happines, seeing how he enjoys his life here.

Fantasy. My boy at play, full of this imagination inside of him.

Second hand finds that you love is very nice. Like this tin that I love for which I payed just a pund! Great!!

Living in such a lovely place. Here I feel peace and happiness. I am so grateful for that.

Me. I like being me. I like being with myself even if I´m not perfect, but I´m working on it!


Queenie said...

Hi Monica,
Congrats to your son for learning to swim a great achievement!
Bless you for saving the chickens..they will be loving life now.
Congrats to your oldest daughter`s upcoming arrival...woohoo you will have a beautiful grandbaby to love and cherish.
Really enjoyed reading your post.

Eleanor said...

A really lovely ten things, thank you for a gentle glimpse of your world.

Monika Wright said...

Oh, I remember the pleasures of cherries from my Opa's tree! My Mom is German {from Munich} and my grandparent's lived in the home that was in the family for generations. You brought back some wonderful memories to me, thanks.