04 April 2011


The birds are singing outside and almost all the snow is gone in our garden and I even heard and saw a flock of geese flying by yesterday. That is so lovely.

I´ve had a good weekend. Did some baking on Saturday, donuts and cupcakes, which was very much apreciated. And yesterday was general conferens for the church and we watch and listened to so much good and wise advise from the church leaders. Wonderful.

And I´ve made som scrapbooking too! Here´s one of the layouts I did.

It´s about our trip to the medival fair that was held in the fortress in Varberg on the swedish west coast. Miss S vas going there with her medival group for the whole weekend and the rest of us went there on the Saturday. Master E was in a soldier school and he and the other children won the "fight" they had against the grown ups - big susprise... He also bought himself a new wooden sword. We watched a tourney and we was inside the museum and saw, among a lot of other things, Bockstensmannen, the remains of a man from the medivals that was found in a moss.

We had a nice day, but it was very hot and there was a lot of people. So sitting down in the shadow and having an icecream was lovely!

Hope you all have a nice week!

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