13 April 2011


Finally I got it done, the layout I had problems with. Sometimes when it something that really means something special to you, it´s hard to make it because often you can´t put down on paper how you see it in your head. That´s what happend with this one.

This is a lot of not so good photos, but ones that mean a lot. It´s when all the children, including son-in-law and grandchildren, where here at the same time, which always are such special occations. I love seeing them all enjoying each others company, loving each other. It surely makes this mother´s heart sing.

A simple border under the photos, a title that´s a big part of the decorations and a lot of little this and that - voilá, a typical Monica layout! I made a not at all typical Monica layout yesterday, I´ll show it to you another day.

Blogging is addicting... I´ve started another blogg. It´s on a swedish garden site, talking about my garden and what I do out there. Something I will only do this time of year when there is actually something to do, all winter it´s just full of snow!
 If you want to see how I live you can visit it on http://medodlingiblodet.tradgardsblogg.se/

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