28 November 2010

A misadventure and more Christmas Album

When the first sunday of advent is in November I always start my christmas journey then, but as sunday is the sabbathday and therefor a restingday I begin to do the decorating on the saturday (big sacrefice...).
So I started my saturday with big ambitions. I took out the box with all my electric advent candlesticks och checked the lamps and then I began thinking that two of them really looked boring and  there were just too many red ones anyway so I decided that those who say that "everything gets more beautiful with a bit of white paint " is right, so I started to paint them.
 I left to do something else and when I came back I got this big chock because they were PINK! Hmm. The red paint had obviously bleaded through... I am not a pink person and pink is defenetly not a christmas colour to me, so... This would be something for Mrs L, since she loves pink, but she lives too far away, so I painted another layer and thought that maybe it would get better. It was still pink after that, but not as much and I decided to let it rest so that the paint could really dry, and then I painted them one more time yesterday and finally I was actually satisfied with the result and here it is!

So that was my adventure this week... It kind of took my focus off the decorating so it didn´t get as much of that that I had thought, but there will be more days. On sunday I did pages in my christmas journal for saturday and sunday.

The first page is my thoughts about the whole christmas thing. How much the advent time actually mean to me and that if I take time to enjoy all the things during this time I have much more joy and energy to put in when christmas gets here and it´s quite a lot of work to do when you´re a mother.                                   

The other page is from saturday and it´s about how much I enjoy all the lights and flowers and so.           

Sunday´s page. About how much I love singing the christmas hymns at church each sunday                          in advent.                                                                                                                                                  

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