15 June 2013

Scrap process for PL

I thought I'd show you some photos of the process when I made my personal Project Life for April. I want to apologise for the bad quality of the pictures, took them with my phone.

I start by choosing papers I like. I prefer when they are light and quite neutral, here I put some ledger papers over darker cardstock. When I do this I have a sketch on where the different stories will go, but as you will see, they do not always end up where I first intended.

I had three photos for this page (I don't feel the need to have photos of all my stories, epcially since I love the look of the written word) and placed them where I wanted them.

Now I have started to put some more things down, the month pocket is almost done and I have chosen a journaling card for the dotted paper.

Here I have done the book pocket and after I was done I realised that there were two round red journaling stickers right next to each other and I didn't want that so I moved the books down, but then I had to move the dotted paper and I didn't want to just swich places for then I would end up with three pockets with red in a row... And the dotted paper pocket holds the journaling to the baking photo so I wanted to have them side by side. Sigh... Oh the trouble of designing! You should now too that I can't move around the papers any way I want since I have cut down the pocket page both at the top and at the bottom to fit my American Crafts modern album. The pocket is swedish standard A4 which is slightly taller than 11".

And here's the finished page. I really have to use my utter most self dicipline not to over embellish the pockets, since it is so much fun, but I like the end result much better if I contain myself. If there is too much going on in all the pockets it just looks messy, so I will have to save the great embellishing for my ordirnary layouts.

Talking about ordirary layouts I have to say that doing Project life has changed the way I do my other scrapbooking. I used to do a lot of "we did this"-layouts and they were often quite simple, but now those stories end up in my PL and that leaves me the oppertunaty to do more layouts about feelings and connections instead and this pages tend to be more embellished and that is FUN.

Hope you enjoyed seing my process. Bye!


Fröken Grön said...

Vilket härligt format att "scrapbooka" i.
Tack för fin inspiration!

Ber om ursäkt för lite sent svar angående mitt diskställ. Det är iallafall köpt på IKEA och finns nog att köpa fortfarande.

Passar på att lämna en tidig julhälsning: Hoppas du får en riktigt fröjdefull jul!

Fröken Grön said...

Först nu såg jag att du har lämnat vidare en jättefin "award" till mig. Tusen tack, vad glad jag blir!