21 June 2012

It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I know we´re only halfway to Christmas, but for me it´s a little Christmas right now. I run in to a 50% off sale yesterday, with 75% off on all the Christmas stuff and how could I resist?! So I brought home these lovely tines.

They will for sure brighten our home in let´s say five months or so.

There´s another thing that´s Christmases to me right now. I saw the other day a picure on Pinterest with a wooden letter representing the family name, made into an ornament and that was such a good idee. I will make a lot of ornaments, with one letter representing each person in our family, our parents, our selves, our children, our sons-in-law and our grandchildren, in all 22 persons. I bought letters yesterday, but they were short of the L and two Es so they will come later.

I will paint the eges and then decorate them with patterned paper and whatever else I will find nice. I guess I´d better start soon if I want them finished by this Christmas!

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