02 March 2012

New year

A lot of people are doing Project Life this year and I love looking at all the amazing things they do, but it´s not for me. Making a decided thing each week is too much for me. Maybe at some point I could do it but hardly a commitment to have to do it every week.

But I´ve decided to do Document: 2012 this year, but only with the divided page protectors and then I will put whatever ordinary scrapbookpages I might do in between those. Here´s my Title page.

I´ve just put some random photos there to represent our lives.

I have made the page for January (made only one for that month, on the backside of the title page, since I want to have a separate page protector for each month and want the scrapbook pages to go in between them), but will not be sharing it here since it´s quite personal for some family members. Sorry!

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