09 December 2011

Dec 7th and 8th

Two days about the Christmas tree. The first one is about me going into our backyard sawing down the tree and how much I like the possibility to be able to do this. I had the oppertunaty to use my new tree stamp and so enjoyed it. I tried to get one last year but didn´t succed but now I have one and I´m so glad.

Yeasterday we put up the tree and decorated some more. I wanted the two pages to feel like a unit so I used the same journaling spots and numbers and white backgrounds.

Not a single photo, as seems to be the case with most days in this album, but I wanted the tree stamp to dominate on the 7th and I just "had" to have the beautyful picture of the tree on the 8th. If you want to see some actual photos scroll down!

Look who´s living under the tree.

Mrs S made these figures many years ago.

 I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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Emily said...

I love your page. That stamp is super cute! I think it's so neat you cut down your own tree!! It's so pretty!