16 December 2011

Dec 12th and 13th

Two pages from the beginning of the week.

This is our Christmas letter. I actually printed and sent it out on the 13th, but, as you will see, there where only so much I could sqeez in on that day, so I gave it the day before, it really doesn´t matter.

I stapled a strip of transparency to tuck the letter behind so as much as possibly could be seen of it.

My oldest daughter´s due dath was on the 10th but the little man arrived on the 13th, the Lucia day here in Sweden. So he got place #1 for the day, of course, and on the backside is the Lucia celebrations that the children had at their schools.

Today is gonna be a baking day, I´ve promised the children homemade hamburgers for dinner, so I will make bread for that and I will also make some bread for Christmas and also some cookies. And I have to vacum the house, so busy, busy!!

Have a great weekend (feels like I just told you that!! Time do fly)!

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