15 November 2011

Pleased and not pleased

Sometimes you´re pleased with what you do and sometimes you´re not!

I thought that Shimelle´s idee with a big pocket for more photos was such a good idee and I thought that would be perfect for Christmas photos. But then I sat down to scrap the photos when  Master E had his birthday party and I thought this was a great idee for all those photos too. But... I wasn´t at all pleased with the result. I certanily don´t plame the idee, no it was all me. Me and bold patterned papers do not go well together... As you can see for your selves here. It was just too much.

Just to comfort myself I did something that really is me and which I also was very pleased with...

This is about how we read the scripures every morning before the children go to school.

But just to show to myself that I´m not totally hopeless I´m already working on a new layout with the big pocket, AND with a bold patterned paper, I think, if I don´t change my mind... Wish me luck!!

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