19 November 2011

A little book of lists

I don´t think I´ve ever made two post the same day here at the blog, but I just had to show you a small booklet I just made to have as a home for my to-do-lists at Christmas time. I will use it for my lists while I´m working on them and after Christmas they will have a new home in my album and I can use this book for new lists next year.

I used some old chipboard  flowers/stars to embellish the outside. I´ve hade them for years and never found a home for them, until now.

On the left is my list for the Christmas presents where I can tick off when I´m ready with the present/s for specific persons and on the right my list for other things I should buy.

These pages is both kitchen related. The left one is for the list of all the kinds of foods we want to have on our table at Christmas and on the right it´s all about yummi things like cookies and sweets we want to make.

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