18 November 2011

I did it!

At least, that´s what I think. I´m done with my new take on Shimelles sketch with the big pocket and I really like it. Here are som pictures of it.


Concidering the problem I had with the bold patterned paper on my last try on this, at first I intended to go  with a green cardstock for the base, but when I was searching for a patterned paper to ground the two photos on the front, I found this applepaper and that would be perfect for a school page so I gave it a try. It would be a victory to be able to do something with a bold patterned paper that I could be pleased with.

I also decided to use a transparency for the pocket, like Shimelle did and this white was visable but still not to dominating. I keeped the embelishments really simple and put the title on the photomat not to make it too buzy on the left where you can see the page through the transparecy.

All in all, I´m very pleased. Glad that I kind of erased my failure with the first page. Maybe that´s a new idee, to go back and take back where you are not satisfied with the result, and make a new try on the same idee.

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