13 October 2011

Take one

Shimelle´s friend SJ has a little challenge on her blog which she calls Take one. I think it´s a very nice one. It´s about looking through your own scrapbooks and choose one favorite layout and let yourself be inspired by it and take one thing from that layout and transfer that one thing to a new layout.

I chose this layout...

and the one thing I took from it was the photo of the road. I really like such photos and I happened to have another one, taken on the same road, but from the other side of our home. We live right were the road ends in this picure, up to the left. And when you come from the other direction there is this other smaller road leading up to our house and that´s what´s seen in the photo on this new layout.

The first layout is about me driving my boy home from the nersery for the last time, after him going there three times a week for two years and in the fall he would go to pre-school and ride with the school bus.

The second layout is about how happy I always am to turn on to the road leading to my home when I´ve been away.

I love the original layout and I love the new one too, they´re both very much me.

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