09 October 2011

Small things around the house

Just wanted to show you this and that in my world right now.

My in-laws gave me this wonderful pumpkin. I love pumkins but the ones I grew this year was quite a failure so that´s kind of sad. But that made me so much happier for the one I was given.

This is what you can see in my kitchen window right now, one beautyful flower and a plate with seeds I´ve taken from my flowers in the garden, they are lying there to dry before I put them away ´till spring.

My one and only corner just for beauty... Most of the space in our house is just for needs, but this little corner is for beauty and I´m so happy about it. The small figures looks like this...

I found it in a shop shortly after our daughter had died and it looked just like her and her little brother. She now being our little angel and whatching over her beloved little brother. I cried right there in the shop when I saw it. It is one of my most presued things.

This is my new calender for next year. Isn´t it wonderful?!

It looks like this on the inside. I like that it doesn´t look buisnesslike. I just need a little one to keep track of our private things and I didn´t need such a fine one but being a scrapbooker I couldn´t but see what a lovely little minibook it could be made into in 2013!!

I hope you will have a ice week!

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