11 January 2011

10 best of 2010 part 7

Any one else who feel this 10 best thing is going on too long?!  I should have taken two layouts per day, as I started, I guess. O well, we´re soon done with that. The cold has me in a tight grip and that is no fun at all. It´s so boring wanting to do things, but just not having the strength to do it. And you never see so much that needs to be done as when your ill.

Here´s my sweet little boy again, this time on his 5th birthday.

The border strip with the candles, at the bottom, is a really old thing, and that´s the way it is with me, I don´t use everything when I get it, but it can lay around for years and then suddenly it finds it perfect place. There are no such things as too old scrapbooking things.
 There might be things that you don´t like anymore, but that must not mean they are too old as such, rather that our taste changes. Then again there are things you don´t get tiered of.
So how do you know which things will make the test of time? Well, I guess it depends on how well you know yourself and I think that most of us have a style that is "us" and that those things will never be old to us, but then there are those things that catch our attension for a short while but are not really us and those things are those we should use when they are new, to make them not be lying around for ever.

 Well, that´s how much philosofizing it will be for this day! Have a nice day!

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